Trinidad footballer Akeem Adams dies aged 22

He fought so very hard but Akeem Adams tragically passed away on Monday at the Varosmajori Heart Clinic in Budapest, Hungary…

Adams was struck down by a substantial stroke while awaiting a heart transplant, with his mother Ancilla Dick by his side,  at the Varosmajori Heart Clinic in Budapest.

This – compiled back in early October – helps explain his heart condition, how it happened, the fundraisers designed to help with his cause and a bit about his career/ability as a player.

A quote on the Wired868 website states:  “There is always the aftershock; after the heart attack comes the stroke. They were hoping it would be a minor one or that he would have gotten the heart (transplant) and be strong enough to deal with it.

“But, unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything when it came.”

The former Ferencvaros player – who would have turned 23 in April next year – was fighting in hospital for three months. During that time, he was given a mechanical heart, battled through at least four operations and an amputation below his left knee.

It appeared he was on the verge of receiving a heart transplant. It was deemed by the specialists based at the Clinic that Adams would be able to take a transplant by early December. However, this didn’t work out.

In truth, even if Adams did receive the transplant – he was highly unlikely to live on. He fought so hard, with the invaluable support of his family, friends, fans and just good people around him.

Adams was a true Soca Warrior.

RIP Akeem.

By Nathan Carr


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