2016 CFU Presidential Election: Manifestos Released

With the CFU elections set for this Saturday, every presidential candidate has released their manifesto and you can access them all here…

Note: Click on the names of the candidates to access their respective manifestos.

Gordon Derrick

Gordon Derrick. (pic credit: ESPNFC)

Key points:

  • Overseeing the implementation of a Caribbean Professional Football League
  • Bringing about a Grassroots initiative called Football for All
  • Creating an U-13 Championship
  • Introducing a digital media platform that will enable all of the CFU matches to be streamed globally
  • Securing sponorship for CFU competitions through a world-renowned marketing agency
  • Striking up partnerships with the University of the West Indies

David John-Williams: ‘Unity Through Football’

David John-Williams. (pic credit: guardian.co.tt)

Key points:

  • Overseeing the implementation of a Caribbean Professional Football League
  • Improving the overall credibility and image of the CFU
  • Introducing a new governance structure – Board of Directors, Technical Department, Media and Marketing etc
  • Improving the level of coach education with use of video analysis by coaches
  • Securing a long-term TV deal for the Men’s Caribbean Cup
  • Developing Women’s Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer as ‘Priority Projects’

Hillaren Frederick: ’31…We Are Strong’

Key points:

  • Creating a Marketing Department to aggressively market and sell the CFU brand
  • Hiring of a technical study group appointed to all CFU competitions
  • CONCACAF should fund all of the CFU’s qualifying tournaments
  • Continuing to monitor the proposed CONCACAF Financial Assistance Program (CFAP)
  • Re-establishing the Caribbean Professional Football League Taskforce which was set up in 2014
  • Concluding with the declaration “I will not allow trinkets of gold to cloud my judgement. I would [if elected] always do right by Caribbean Football

Other positions that are being contested:


(pic credit: the CFU’s official website)

By Nathan Carr


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