What to expect from the Caribbean nations at the 2017 Gold Cup

The CONCACAF Gold Cup begins this Friday as French Guiana face Canada at Red Bull Arena. Here’s some background information on the Caribbean nations – Curacao, Jamaica, French Guiana and Martinique – ahead of the tournament…

Below you can listen to my thoughts on the Caribbean nations competing at this year’s Gold Cup, which kicks off on Friday, on the latest episode of Feuerstein’s Fire Show on Blog Talk Radio from 05:05 to 29:40.


For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be at the Gold Cup in the United States covering a selection of matches for THOCF having been accredited by CONCACAF. On the 7th in New York, on the 12th in Tampa and on the 16th in San Antonio. I’ll be doing my best to follow all the matches and provide coverage on the blog as well as on social media.


Thank you for listening! How do you see the Caribbean nations doing at the Gold Cup? What are your overall predictions? Feel free to leave any constructive feedback in the comments box below. You can get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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