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14 thoughts on “About

  1. great articles, it would be great if there was a section on football development (courses, new books, coaching development etc..)

  2. Really enjoyed looking at your website, Nathan. A wide range of information here. You deserve your dream of writing about football on a professional basis to come true! Your enthusiasm and dedication are apparent.

  3. I’m doing research for a series of books I am hoping to publish from next year. I wrote to you a very polite request for some possible information earlier this year and even stated that I would be grateful to research the answers if you could point me in the right direction. It would have been good to received even a negative reply. What is it with Caribbean websites ? The Soca Warriors website were exactly the same when I tried to register with them !

  4. Hi Paddy. I genuinely don’t remember seeing anything from you asking for information – when was it that you sent me a request? I tend to reply to people very quickly usually, you see.

  5. Hello Nathan. Thank you for your reply. It was some weeks back I was asking for some/any information on a Trinidad & Tobago international which is why I was also trying to access the Soca Warriors ‘site. I wanted more details of a player called Sherron Manswell. Like I said, any help would be appreciated as it’s to help in the research I’m doing regarding my project. Thank you, again, for your reply.

    • I’ve not actually heard of Sherron Manswell before, admittedly. But I know a few people connected to Trinbagonian football who might well be able to help you out. I’ll keep you posted.

    • I messaged the Soca Warriors site for you and they said this: “He did pretty well in college and even got invited to the MLS Combine. After college, he played in the National Super League in T&T. As far as I know he’s still in T&T.” Interview with Manswell from 2008: https://t.co/nkfHfbZTKU

  6. That’s great. Thanks very much. Sod’s Law of course, I wanted to find out who he played for before College as that’s when he started playing internationally.

    You got feedback from Soca Warriors ? Impressive ! 😁

  7. Thanks very much Nathan and good luck with the ‘site. It’s looking very impressive. I’ll try the Soca Warriors boys again. You never know.

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